Shaker Cup

Shaker Cup

From: 310 Nutrition

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It’s never been easier to mix up your 310 Shake and head out the door to work, the gym or anywhere else your day might take you! Rather than having to clear a space on your counter, pull out the clunky blender and create a huge mess just to drink a protein shake, you can simply use your 310 Shaker to make a shake in a jiffy.

All you have to do is put one scoop (28.7g) of 310 Shake and 8-12 oz of water or almond milk into the 310 Shaker, give it a shake, shake, shake – and it’s ready to enjoy! 310 Shake mixes so well – this quick and easy motion is all you need to do to drink a fantastic protein shake. Use it at home or on the go! Whether you’re in a hurry before work or you’re eager to get to the gym, the 310 Shaker makes it easy to get your nutrients and stay healthy!