Resistance Band Set

Resistance Band Set

From: 310 Gym

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The 310 Foam resistance sample kit is a great addition to your home gym. Conveniently molded to fit your door space makes it the perfect tool for a variety of exercises. You can use the hand straps to work as a pulley system to create challenging motions for both upper and lower body muscles. There are numerous variations of basic exercises that you can incorporate just by simply altering the angle of each movement.

This starter set includes two Velcro hand straps for grip and 5 different levels of tensions with a door anchor to fit in the hinge of any door. We also added 2 ankle straps so you can transition your target areas during your workout and sample different effective exercises. The set offers easy assembly with step-by-step instructions on how to get the door anchor through your door hinge for a secure foundation and a safe workout.

You can easily adjust the resistance system to vary per exercise:

  • The red band, which has a 3 lb. resistance level, is the starter band.
  • Work your way to a more challenging level with the purple band with a 5 lb. resistance level.
  • Keep tension growing with the green band at 8-13 lb. resistance.
  • Once you get to the yellow band, you will have reached another level of resistance with this sample kit. The yellow band provides a resistance level of 15 lbs. burning fat and building muscle mass.
  • The most advanced band we have is the black band, with a resistance level of approximately 19 lbs!

Simply slip the door anchor through the hinge of any normal door following the instructions and start your workout using this 5 piece foam resistance sample kit right out of the package!

Made from TPE material. 1.2 m length (each band) varied resistance w/Velcro, set of hand and foot straps & door hinge.

Caution: Use carefully; do not over-stress the bands in this starter set, since it increases the potential for them to break and snap.